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SCRIPT COVERAGE With A Difference!

Whether you’ve just finished a “Vomit Draft” or a more polished first draft, all screenplays need a fresh pair of eyes to give the Screenwriter constructive feedback on his story, structure, characters, dialogue, themes and the overall impact of the piece and hopefully greats ideas that he/she can use to focus on his subsequent drafts to make it the best script that is market viable or genre-ready for production.

Script Readers and Script Coverage has become an industry unto itself but majority of the people doing the reading and script coverage haven’t actually written, produced and directed a film and nearly all of them definitely have not financed, distributed or know the inner mechanics of the film business to help scripts-stories really navigate a market where there are really only a few produced sharks but many fish as bait with un-produced scripts.

That’s where we are different. Through my company MMM Films, I have done it all – written, produced, directed, arranged financing and distribution for our over 40 productions including two feature films and more than dozen documentaries as well as TV shows.

What I provide in my analysis and coverage of a script is far more than just simple coverage but an intuitive knowledge of the story-structure elements, genre, market viability and what it will need to become competitive in a market littered with screenplays by amateurs, newcomers, established writers, and industry elites.

We provide coverage to all of the above. Our recent coverage of a script on Coverfly received the highest marks on our analysis and feedback from the screenplay writer. We are more than happy to share the sample coverage from Coverfly with our clients.

We charge $125 for coverage of a screenplay where you get our full attention as we are not a cookie-cutter service like many online. 

We also provide an ongoing analysis to help you with further drafts if you have a bigger budget. We also welcome screenwriters who are successful with Telefilm Canada’s script development and want to hire us as a script-editor.

We have developed a number of screenplays through Telefilm Canada’s development program. We are currently in pre-production on a feature film that we recently developed through Telefilm support. 

We can also provide Producer- Executive Producer services to screenwriters looking to take the next step of having their scripts produced, the final step of in the film world’s version of the baby finally being born.

Happy Writing!


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